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CAN you tint windows in cold weather? YES!

Jan 19

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1/19/2012 4:21 PM  RssIcon

You CAN tint windows year round! We hear a lot of reasons why people believe thay can't tint windows during the winter, Some believe that the tint (film) will never dry or dry incorrectly, or that snow and ice will cause breakage or damage the rear defrost. Sunlight is the key to the drying process so it is likely to take longer than it does in the summer, but on average 2 weeks to a month depending on the film.

Film goes on the inside so you don't have to worry about the snow or ice either. The rear defrost may work a little slower due to excess moisture but will not harm the film or your car and will return to normal once it is fully cured. Breakage is a possibility on commercial or residential windows if the wrong film is used. Midwest Tinting is certified by the International Window Film Asssociation, which means out installers know how certain film and certain glass combinations react to the fluctuating temperatures.

There are some other benefits to tinting in the winter, it's like shopping off season kind of. People tend to think about window tint a little less in the winter because they are not hot. Scheduling is more flexible and sometimes we may have specials. Typically people don't get out as much when it's cold so the chances of rolling your windows down too soon is decreased as swell as the distraction of the rear window distortion.

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